OT Vitals™ is an on-premises monitoring solution providing a comprehensive view into the health of your critical ICS infrastructure and assets through a single pane of glass. From virtual hosts in the industrial data center to the industrial edge where controllers and sensors reside, OT Vitals aggregates and visualizes asset data, diagnostics, and health from the diverse set of endpoints and software found in your industrial control system environment. With rich dashboards, interactive drill-downs, and built-in threshold and event alerts, OT Vitals simplifies troubleshooting and helps prevent costly outages due to infrastructure failures. Built for OT and IT professionals alike, OT Vitals is the foundational IIoT tool of Frontedge providing asset visibility and system health awareness.

Managing the Complexities of Industrial IT Infrastructure

Diverse Endpoints

  • Industrial IP protocols, OEM automation hardware, and IT-grade infrastructure
  • Many disparate diagnostic tools and automation software packages

Limited Asset Visibility

  • Static asset inventories maintained in outdated spreadsheets
  • Network topology rarely documented or up-to-date as new devices are added

Personnel Limitations

  • Engineering & Maintenance teams are often Tier 1, 2 & 3 support for Industrial IT issues
  • Limited, or no, formal training and experience with IT infrastructure and associated license management


OT Vitals indexes and searches industrial data sources to provide
real-time system health


OT Vitals monitors critical
system thresholds and system logs via proactive email or SMS text alerts

With a Single Pane of Glass Solution

Centralized Asset Visibility

  • Track inventory of IP-based OT assets from a single pane of glass
  • Dynamic asset discovery eliminates static documentation

Real-Time Health Monitoring

  • Alerting on critical health thresholds & system events for Industrial IT infrastructure
  • Reduces the burden on plant personnel so they can focus on production issues

Security & Access

  • Vendor remote access connection history
  • Search user actions in consolidated control systems diagnostic logs

Driving Cost Savings & ROI

Reduce Unplanned
Ensure Software
License Compliance
Consolidated Industrial
IT support
Create Proactive
Break/Fix Policies
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