Frontedge IIoT Solutions bring data from the EDGE to the
FOREFRONT providing visibility and insight into the many
data silos found in industrial environments. Our practical
digitalization solutions help you reach business outcomes faster.

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The Practical IIoT

Frontedge solutions aim to operationalize data-driven decision making. Our initial Frontedge offering, OT Vitals™, operationalizes health and diagnostic data from industrial IT infrastructure. This foundational IIoT use case is an example of solving a common industrial business challenge: equipping OT personnel to maintain and troubleshoot complex IT infrastructure in the modern connected factory. And while every application and use case may be unique, our approach to arrive at making data-driven decisions is the same.

Asset Visibility

If you can’t see the thing, you can’t get data from the thing. Let’s talk about infrastructure. Connectivity is the foundation of the IIoT, and our Industrial IT gurus and OT professionals can help you connect the dots.

Transport Data

Things are connected, but we need to talk about where the data is going, how is it getting there, and who or what is interacting with it. Mist, Edge, Fog, Cloud…It all depends on the use case, and maintaining flexibility is key.

Visualize & Analyze

The promised land. This is where THINGS happen! Data analytics, operational efficiencies, business outcomes. It’s all here! Well, only the stuff that you care about actually. Practical IIoT.

The Frontedge EDGE

Delivering robust Manufacturing Intelligence solutions and integrating plant floor automation systems has long been a part of our DNA. But there has been a shift in technology focus as IT/OT convergence drives much more comprehensive digital conversations. Frontedge solutions are architected in a modern IoT solution stack, but we don’t ignore the foundational data hierarchy that has existed for decades in industrial environments. On the OT side of the house, SCADA, legacy data servers, and data historians still rule the roost. But in the world of IIoT, there is no prescribed data hierarchy as there are many data sources and many data clients. We are comfortable working in both spaces bringing a powerful combination of OT system knowledge with IoT-centric software solutions.

Our Supporting Skills & Resources


  • 25 Years+ Experience as OT professionals
  • Leaders in design & implementation of manufacturing automated systems



  • We leverage the power of collaboration by connecting with suppliers and associations to provide innovative solutions to achieve each client’s desired outcome


  • CSIA Certified Integrator
  • Control Engineering Magazine’s Systems Integrator of the Year: 2015 & 2020


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